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This e Book is essential reading for potential job-seekers.Not only does it cover identifying your skills but also the mechanics of applying for a job, writing a CV or resume and attending interviews.

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These are the talents and abilities that can travel with you when you make a transition to a new job or career.

Below are 87 common transferable skills divided into six broad categories: Basic, People, Management, Clerical, Research and Planning, and Computer and Technical Skills. Use this as a jumping off point to write a complete list of your transferable skills.

Transferable skills are skills and abilities that are relevant and helpful across different areas of life: socially, professionally and at school. People usually think about their transferable skills when applying for a job or when thinking about a career change.

Employers often look for people who can demonstrate a good set of transferable skills.

All skills and abilities can be transferable – depending on where they are being transferred to and from.

When applying for a job you should remember, however, that the type of transferable skills you highlight in a letter of application or in your CV or résumé should be related to the position for which you are applying.

You may think it appropriate to list and give examples of transferable skills that are not included in the following list – there are literally thousands of words and phrases that can describe transferable skills and we include only some of the most common. There is always an element of risk when it comes to employing new people so think carefully about the type of skills you wish to emphasise and pick examples you can demonstrate to minimise the perceived risk of employing you.

Work effectively in a group or team to achieve goals.

Put to rest your fear that you will have to leave your current skills behind if you quit your job or change careers.

You will be able to take many of them with you in the form of transferable skills.


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