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The move was praised by both sides of America’s political divide.Ultimately, Barack Obama’s devotion to his family concludes his phenomenal career.

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This is a show of humility that is uncharacteristic of the United States political class.

The achievements of Barack Obama are unparalleled in America’s political history.

These attributes and many others make Obama the greatest and most admirable person of all time.

In a narrative more critical than laudatory, Dyson assesses the meaning of the Obama presidency through a racial lens.

On the contrary, his devotion to his wife and daughters became the embodiment of true leadership.

He publicly displayed his affection for his wife and daughters.Dyson’s core contention, puzzlingly buried in the center of the monograph, is that Obama’s view of racial politics has three interrelated features: a in which Obama refuses to make white people uncomfortable by identifying whites as responsible for black suffering (156).In concatenating these pieces, Dyson eludes to the possibility that Obama’s policies are rooted purely in political calculation.People are deceitful, demanding, and desperately fickle.As a response, deceit, lies, and malice punctuate the character of most individuals.There are several instances where Obama’s character stood the tests of admiration.For example, his campaign slogan was relatable and undiscriminating.Furthermore, Obama openly discussed his African roots; He made conscious efforts to keep in touch with his Kenyan relatives (Carotenuto).Moreover, his handling of family issues was admirable.However, every once in a while, there comes about a person that swims against the tide: They possess a stunningly clean record and advocate for the unpopular stances.Furthermore, they are lined with a charming character that endears them to most people.


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