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There is the same attenuated alliance, genial but emulous, with fellow lovers.

And there is the same tolerance for trivia and banality in criticism, so long as the critic shares in your worship, and especially if he furthers it.

The fan becomes proficient in FLAC and Bit Torrent; the critic learns about copy-text and the Hinman collator.

You follow Sufjan to Denison Witmer, and you follow Melville to Richard Henry Dana Jr.

The latter essays, summarizing theories that anticipate romanticism, are as psychological in their concern with the experience of art as the essays on Paradise Lost are formalistic, preoccupied with the structure of the poem and its resemblance to other epics.

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Addison was eclectic in his approach to literary problems. I will never think about power or gentleness in the same way again. With a deadly calm and phenomenal focus, Brit Bennett’s piece turns over the weight of this shifty juxtaposition—the black doll’s tragedy as a source of joy.choices between American Girl identities (were you a Molly? The cruelty and the magnificence of it are inextricable.Last year, at the height of my madness, I realized what it resembled: academic literary criticism of a great author.There is the same impulse to collect and the same reluctance to judge.Its critique sings with the possibility of what can be.So many people read and loved this beautiful piece by Saunders but I’m going to talk about it here because (dammit! It made my pulse race with the sheer fervor and eloquence and non-photoshopped specificity of its appreciation—its appreciation for teachers, for literature, for teaching.(But of course part of his gift to us, in this piece, is showing us that nothing was easy and everything comes along the course of a long, winding road.) Of his teacher Tobias Wolff, he writes: “Toby is a powerful man: in his physicality, in his experiences, in his charisma. It is as if that is the point of power: to allow one to access the higher registers of gentleness.” WTF??What a magnificent thing to say about another human being. They were deliberately expensive—drawing on a subconscious premium we place on the American lifestyle pre-Civil Rights—and of course, save Addy, all the American Girls were white. The slim book that introduces her, , tells the story of a slave owner forcing a worm into the mouth of his property, that dark-skinned and adorable American girl.I have saved old issues of British music magazines with very limited circulations.I have avidly read essays in praise of my beloveds, no matter how insipid the style or recondite the detail.


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