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Next, adaption is the process of an individual to adapt to the environment (Ormrod, 2011).

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As children are developing, their way of thinking started to change from time to time accordingly to the four stages.

Piaget was not really interested into the knowledge having by the children but he was more fascinated by the way of children think, observe their surrounding and how they express it into speeches (Krause et al., 2007).

The first sub-stage is reflexes, according to Brenda (2010) this sub-stage is occured from the birth of the infants until 1 month old.

During this stage, infants understand their surrounding by using simple reflexes for example they will starting to smile.

Next, primary circular reactions sub-stage is when the infants are 1 to 4 months. For instance, infants are sucking his or her thumb, and as a result they will repeat the same actions because it pleasure them.

As it goes on, third sub-stage is secondary circular reactions which occured during 4 to 8 months.Brenda (2010) mentioned in this sub-stage, the infants will be doing the same actions but it extends out to the environment such as replacing sucking their thumbs with rubber toys.In other words the infants are having improvement in their reactions. Besides,the author reported that Piaget did observing his own children and attracted to changes that occured and developed in children’s mind and the factors behind these changes. As we know, the famous theory of cognitive development was found by Jean Piaget. Newkirk also mentioned that Piaget was a theorists and also a biologist.Infants who do not reach this sub-stage will not be able to look for it, but they will just not realize it.As the infants are growing up to become toddlers, the sub-stages also moving to the next, tertiary secular reactions where occured during toddler age 12 to 18 months.According to Krause et al.,(2007), infants in this stage will begin to develope their reflexes by doing some motor activities and senses.They are trying to understand the world around them.Moreover, in fourth sub-stage which is coordination of reactions from the age of 8 to 12 months.They will begin to show clear actions and observe others behavior other than starting to develop ability in recognizing the things that had been shown to them.


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