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Sun Tzu took into consideration that pacifism was also an important option which would benefit future and better planned attacks.

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Regardless of the era, war was an important topic due to the political and social climax of the era.

It was “the age of a multistate, unstable world that saw frequent conflicts over control of the land and people”, (Lo 118).

The time in which Sun Tzu lived is argued amongst scholars.

While one researcher suggests the book was written after 500 BC, another claims Sun Tzu lived sometime around 770 to 475 BC.

The expression and meaning of the text varies from state to state and person to person.

However, the meaning produced from reading the Art of War also varies according to time and culture.

After this, the women obeyed him achieving what Sunzi called “Shock and Awe”; “Shock and awe and hence compliance or capitulation through very selective, utterly brutal and ruthless, and rapid application of force to intimidate” (Ni Fhloinn 194).

This event not only gave him notoriety but also created a legend.

In addition, it was crucial to become aware and analyze the enemy in order to determine if a planned and deceptive attack would work.

Or, it was better to avoid confrontation if it was determined that the enemy would be stronger.


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