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In each subsequent revival of Gothic fiction, the genre has been reworked and reinvented to address current cultural concerns.

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It is unsurprising, then, that they have eagerly embraced the Gothic’s themes of the liminal and the monstrous, as well as its fixation on romance and sex.

Another significant element of the current YA Gothic revival is the emergence of the girl monster.

The world that Mead has conceived revolves around a battle between the 'good vampires', otherwise known as Moroi, and 'bad vampires, known as Strigoi.

Mead was intrigued by and researched Romanian folklore prior to writing the novel and based the series on traditional Romanian folklore on vampires.

The Twilight universe expanded from books into a highly successful film series.

The Gothic has had several major periods of popularity since its first appearance in 18th-century England, with Horace Walpole’s novel The Castle of Otranto (1764).

In Gothic novels of the 19th century, monsters were usually wholly “Othered”.

A Victorian-era vampire such as Stoker’s Dracula, for instance was depicted as evil, foreign, and frighteningly different to the British human.

Clare has said that she did not write her series for young adults (and indeed almost half of the readership of YA fiction might be adults).

Nevertheless, her teenage protagonists have resonated with readers of the same age.


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