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In this regard, Pindi Conspiracy Case and his Marxist bent of mind are too obvious to be ignored.

In this regard, Pindi Conspiracy Case and his Marxist bent of mind are too obvious to be ignored.

The experience of prison is equally taxing; one remained in on charges of the Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case, for more than four years, while the other waited outside for months to be able to see her son. When one looks at their works one is forced to consider the impact of revolution on one’s love poetry- does it let you remain intimate or does all focus distort into a ‘heap of broken images’?

While Faiz joined the Progressive Writers Movement, Akhmatova was often shunned as belonging to the old world of Russia and not Lenin’s progressive outlook.

My first encounter with Akhmatova was during a class on Twentieth Century Russian Literature where my final paper was based on the feminine spirit of that century.

Although it included an analysis of Akhmatova, Tsataeva, and Nadezdha Mandlestam, it was Akhmatova’s works that left me spellbound even then.

Anna Akhmatova’s encounter with the revolution was more real than one could imagine.

She saw Petersburg change to Leningrad and her ‘city become a ghost’.Faiz Ahmed Faiz wanted revolution, he saw Lenin as the harbinger of peace, and he felt that the solution to all problems was active participation in the socialist cause, following the footsteps of the Russian October Revolution. Faiz’s encounter with revolution was from a distance; a revolution in the mind and desire means nothing as far as its practical implications are concerned.His association with the cause was theoretical as his friends introduced him to socialist thought.Faiz too has pathos for revolution, but from a totally different end.The two poets speak of their resentment and anger, one wanting revolution the other suffering from it, yet the human experience of pain is the same.Along with popular favourites like ‘Subh-e Azadi’, with its anguished evocation of the horror and pain of the Partition, The Colours of My Heart also introduces readers to little-known gems that display Faiz’s extraordinary flair for tender hope and quiet longing.Urdu critics have been studying Faiz Ahmed Faiz and his works in a limited, though popular, framework.Both poets were tremendously full of patriotic zeal; Akhmatova refused to go into exile or migrate outside of Russia and wrote poems to her city and country.On the other hand, we have Faiz going into self-exile to Beirut, yet writing poems for his country and city. Akhmatova’s view of sacrificial youth takes on the Christ like figure, Faiz sees crucifixes in his prison window, and writes poems not just for Pakistan but also for the sacrificial youth in Iran, Palestine, Beirut, and Africa.Along with popular favourites like ‘Subh-e Azadi’, with its anguished evocation of the...more In this remarkable selection of Faiz’s most memorable poems and ghazals, readers will be able to experience a new dimension of the great poet’s genius.


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