Family Business Plan

Succession planning is the process of pinpointing key needs for leadership and intellectual talent throughout the organization over time and preparing individuals for present and future work responsibilities.

In a family business succession planning involves: …each at the individual, family and business levels.

Re Habiliments markets its product line as "Re Hab Your Wardrobe - Re Hab Your World," and commits a portion of the company's sales revenues to programs that transform the lives of the less fortunate and abolish the exploitation of children forced into activities such as scavenging, rag-picking or marginal economic activities in the streets, drug trafficking, criminal activities, physical and sexual abuse, forced labor, debt bondage, and prostitution."Re Habiliments," is the brainchild of L. Emlynes had the apparel designed and silk-screened and then negotiated with two clothing stores in the Sandybar Harbour area to carry the clothing.

In less than one week, both stores were sold out of the apparel. Emlynes conceived the idea of carrying the music group's marketing strategy one step further and developing an entire clothing line around the concept of "harmony." After brief negotiations with the group, it was mutually agreed that since Mr.

Our goal is to ensure that your interests, your family’s interests and the business’ interests are equally well served, and to make you a more sophisticated — and efficient — consumer of the other professional services you will require as you prepare to exit your business.

The process comprises seven steps, each involving an exploration of several key questions.

As a socially responsible company, Re Habiliments contributes to the world's obligation for the protection of the environment, contributes to the economic strength of society, and functions as a good corporate citizen on a local, regional, national, and global basis.

Re Habiliments' management recognizes that the company must establish concrete goals that assist management in determining whether or not the company is achieving corporate objectives.

Only when the family has developed a committed vision for its future in the business does it make sense to develop a strategic plan for the business to support the family’s goals. The owner’s vision The questions are deceptively simple but the underlying issues are many and complex.

Developing honest and realistic answers can take some doing.


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