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She is being assessed by Paul who is a lead practitioner in the team. At first Isabella struggles to demonstrate overall capability, but progresses well by working towards an action plan.

It also shows how an academic piece of work can disguise practice issues and the positive impact a strong ASYE process can have on the wider team.

This case study focuses on Anya who is a NQSW in a voluntary sector domestic abuse service, which provides women’s refuge and wider outreach support.

The example shows his continued progression over an extended period of the ASYE.

It focuses on the importance of critical reflection and gathering feedback from people who need care and support.

This case study focuses on Simon who is a NQSW in an integrated mental health team.

Simon is a very capable social worker, who has done well academically and is being supervised and assessed by his line manager.He is being assessed by Sarah who is a practitioner, not his manager.The example shows how a learning agreement can be structured, the benefits of a good induction process and how feedback from other professionals can reinforce the judgement of the assessor.The case study focuses on progressive assessment, the importance of addressing concerns, action planning, and support.It shows how the capability statements can be used as a diagnostic tool and links to performance management process.Supporting evidence This case study focuses on Jane who is a NQSW in a fostering team. Jane is progressing well and this has been evidenced throughout the assessment process.The example demonstrates application and integration of knowledge and includes evidence to inform the assessor’s professional judgement.The examples also demonstrate holistic assessment and are relevant for those working across adults and child and family settings.This case study focuses on Isabella who is based in a team for older people.This case study focuses on Lisa who is a NQSW in a children with disabilities team.She is two months into her ASYE and is being assessed by Frank who is a practice educator.


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