Feasibility Study Vs Business Plan

Feasibility Study Vs Business Plan-56
The other principals in the Mo Gro LLC are the Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health, food distributor and Richard Schneiders, a retired former CEO of Sysco, Inc., the giant food distribution firm.

In addition to a "Wharton Business School education in 15 minutes," we present two case studies: a food hub, and a food processing center.

This presentation was designed for those considering creating a new business in the food value chain, or involved in counseling those who do.

Remember that the need for revisions occur as a result of what you learn and what opportunities occur during the course of your initial plan’s implementation.

The plan is not an academic exercise but rather a roadmap to a destination that might not be as set in stone as you would have liked.

Right now there are few combinations of incubator/food bins in operation.

The ability to receive, clean, package and advance deliveries of fresh foods or to serve as a storage facility/distributor for packaged foods is in some respects at variance with what an incubator has space and capacity to do.The presentation concluded with questions from the audience. Please note: Carol Coren reports that since the webinar ended, she has learned that the Wisconsin Producer and Grower Cooperative mentioned in her response to an attendee's question about rural programs has dissolved.This is webinar is in some ways a companion to our Sept. She suggests that people interested in learning about rural food hub models examine La Montanita Co-Op Food Market in New Mexico.Our sales have been slower ramping up than we expected, nonetheless, we expect to hit our Year Two sales projections.As a result we reviewed and updated our financial models but not our business plan.This enterprise operates four-stores that sell 1,100 products bought from nearly 500 local growers and producers, at a .7 million annual pace.La Montanita is actively invested in the operation of a new mobile grocery, “Mo Gro,” short for Mobile Grocery, a new enterprise that uses temperature-controlled trucks to provide access to healthy, affordable food to communities lacking regular, easy access to fresh foods and staples due to physical location and cost.That process, and eventual document, is the domain of the business plan.This webinar illustrates, by examples and discussion, how to move from a positive feasibility study to a full business plan, and financing the operation.We also decided to build a smaller kitchen than originally planned so we could do it in the building that the parent organization already owns.On paper the Food Center does pay rent but during the early years they didn’t have to.


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