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Multi-issue feminism quickly develops into a critique of the whole social system.

As Clara Fraser, the pioneering theorist and builder of socialist feminism, wrote, "The logic of feminism is to expand into generalized radicalism." (See Clara Fraser, "The Emancipation of Women," in Revolution, She Wrote .) Types of feminism As with every social movement, feminism encompasses a variety of political tendencies.

Revolution, She Wrote A delightful and incite-ful collection of essays and speeches by the founding mother of socialist feminism, Clara Fraser.

Covers such topics as the fight against sexism on the left, the ABCs of Marxist thought, and the false lure of supporting liberal pro-capitalist politicians.

--Reformist feminists believe that gender inequality can be eliminated through legislative or electoral reforms without the need to alter the capitalist system itself.

Groups such as the National Organization for Women and NARAL/Pro-Choice America typify reformist feminism.

Which Road towards Women's Liberation: A Radical Vanguard or a Single-Issue Coalition?

A Radical Women Publications pamphlet by Clara Fraser that looks succinctly at the political choices before the women's movement.

Buy First published in 1792, proto-feminist Wollstonecraft took inspiration from the revolutionaries of her time who demanded greater rights for mankind, to advocate for an even more socially-maligned group: women.

Independent, educated and intellectually esteemed, Wollstonecraft has been called one of the mothers of feminist theory, posing the idea of women as the natural and intellectual equals of men and deserving of equal treatment and opportunities nearly a hundred years before the term “feminist” even existed.


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