Five Year Business Plan Template

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Strategic planning is an organization’s process for defining their strategy so that they can accomplish specific goals and objectives.

Strategic planning may be utilized on a large scale, such as planning for business growth over several years or to help a nonprofit or governmental organization reach its stated mission.

A template can be used to clearly define who is being served and what issues need to be addressed.

As with a business plan, nonprofit planning may include sections for evaluating risks and opportunities, measuring financial resources, developing a marketing plan, and creating objectives for organizational change.

A strategic plan often covers multiple years, addressing both short- and long-term goals.

It also provides a way of tracking progress and measuring success.It combines information on your target market and business with marketing tactics to help you think strategically and create a plan of action.The template can guide your research process or be used as a simple brainstorming tool.‌ Download Strategic Marketing Plan Template Social media is an integral part of online marketing, and creating a strategic plan can help ensure that you are using your time and resources effectively.Download Nonprofit Strategic Plan Template Excel | Smartsheet Create a detailed human resources strategic plan for your organization, or modify the template to focus on one specific area, such as recruitment or employee relations.Use the template to translate strategies into measurable action plans.A strategic plan can also be used on a smaller scale, such as crafting a marketing plan or developing strategy for the goals of one department within a business or organization.It is important to note that strategy is distinct from planning: While strategy looks at why certain steps should be taken, a plan outlines how to enact those steps.To keep the process running smoothly, make roles and responsibilities clear.Different parties may be responsible for providing data, reviewing the plan, or authorizing strategic decisions.Use the template as a guide for evaluating your business, identifying opportunities for growth and development, and creating a strategic plan.Download Strategic Business Plan Template Excel | Smartsheet A nonprofit strategic plan often emphasizes vision, values, and mission as the foundation for future objectives.


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