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Since insects go through different stages of life at different times, a forensic entomologist (FE) will take samples of the insects surrounding the body, and identify what species they are.Then the FE will cultivate the larvae to discover the time each stage takes.

But, this method is only used if the body has been discovered within 48 hours.

For those cadavers found weeks after death a forensic entomologist enters the scene and uses his or her knowledge of insect life to determine the time and date of death. This may smell bad to humans, but for an insect it’s chow time, and a perfect place for laying eggs.

Temperance Brennan, investigating plane crash victims. In other cases without a passenger list investigators can take the description made by the forensic anthropologist and compare it to missing persons files.

Forensic science depends on evidence to help solve a crime, and bring criminals to justice.

Fingerprints can also link a suspect to his crime, fingerprints found at the scene of the crime are compared to a suspect’s fingerprints establishing absolute proof the suspected was there.

If a body part or a bodies skeleton his found, enter the forensic anthropologists to identify the victim’s remains.

Evidence is a reliable witness, it can be anything and everything in the physical universe that helps establish the facts.

From a single hair, to a trail of blood, we humans are made of a cocktail of biological materials that can be left behind at the crime scene, which all can be used to identify the criminal with DNA analysis.

Under these circumstances, the ME, and other forensic specialists are brought in to work with the evidence and make an identification.

The easiest things to do are to describe the victims appearance and search the missing persons reports.


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