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Newspapers around the world announced Hitler’s death with bold, full-page headlines and in some cases, cheery delight.“Germans put out the news everyone hopes is true,” the United Kingdom’s Daily Express wrote. According to the Times report from the UK’s House of Commons, “there was an almost complete lack of excitement here.

20150 Issued in May 2014, Revised in January 2019 NBER Program(s): Public Economics, Political Economy Can autocracies win electoral support by showcasing economic competence?

We analyze a famous case – the building of the Autobahn network in Nazi Germany.

He was leader of the Nazi party and became a powerful dictator.

Hitler started World War II by invading Poland and then invading many other European countries.

It was during World War I that Hitler became a strong German patriot and also came to love war.

Rise in Power After the war, Hitler entered politics.

News of Hitler’s demise was slow to reach the United States, and the reports that did reach across the Atlantic were initially met with skepticism.

Most American newspapers didn’t run the news until May 2 – a full two days later – and even then, President Harry Truman was cautious in confirming the reports at a press conference.

At the same time, Germany was in an economic depression. Between the depression and the Treaty of Versailles, the time was ripe for Hitler to rise to power.

Once entering politics, Hitler discovered that he was gifted in giving speeches.


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