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This Library of Congress service lets students ask questions and receive emailed responses from librarians.

The site asks users to avoid sending homework questions, though it can be used for research issues. This site, launched in 2002, typically sees more than a million visitors a month during the school year.

This app is amazing but here’s the thing, I can not afford to put 20$$ a month!

I love this app and the tutors are kind, smart, and amazing! Also the reason I can’t afford this is because I can’t get the money!!

If your question is simple, you might get help for free.

Post your homework for free and wait for reference answers from teachers.

Answers are typically sent within five business days. Everything on the site is free, supported by advertising, though some links take you to fee-based sites.

Hosted by the University of Amherst, this site allows users to ask philosophical questions and receive responses from philosophers. The website warns submissions won't be posted if they're unintelligible, vague, clearly scientific, concern a personal problem, or have other issues.

Any category that appears in the post form will be valid.

It includes Math, Algebra, Biology, Physics, Literature and more.


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