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I talk abut how important they are, how special they are and how they MUST take care of them.Then after back-to-school night, where I give that same talk to the parents, I give them out. This year I had a little one yell "YES, FINALLY HOMEWORK" after I gave him his binder.I've used binders for years, they last all school year and don't get ruined as easily as those paper folders.

One of my parents told me they like the homework because it is helping them to learn to read in English too. To think that my little homework is also helping a mom, who in turn will be able to better help her child…

There w'ed be Thursday night trying to finish it up. It didn't take long, it was just something we did after school each day, then back into the backpack it went.

It was building in a time we spent together reading, talking about school and giving her the opportunity to show me what she was learning.

How Do I Get Students to Do Homework I have about a 98% return rate on homework.

I believe the reason my return rate is so high is due to the nightly procedures.


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