How To Write Up A Research Proposal

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The issues you deal with in order to write the proposal will run throughout the research.It is a stage and a substantial piece of work from which you will draw in the future.

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Explain the key aims of your research and the questions you will address in order to achieve them. Will you collect data using libraries, archives, field studies or interviews for example? A schedule of key activities can help demonstrate that your research is achievable within the timeframe of your Ph D.

List the publications and sources you have cited in your proposal.

You will need to seek support from your supervisor in the development of a proposal of sufficient quality and to convince a research degrees committee that you have the potential to carry out research at the level you seek.

Masters research proposals often go before field or subject committees, while MPhils and Ph Ds go before full research degree committees (or whatever carries out that function in your university) where they will be read carefully by internal and external readers and by the committee.

You will be able to use it to help you plan your work and study programme and to draft your chapters.

Some of the problems you might encounter in your early literature review could lead to central underpinning questions running throughout the research.

However, since your proposal forms the foundation of your working relationship with your supervisor, major changes aren't typically expected.

Drawing up a draft proposal is likely to be the first stage in your postgraduate course.

You will also have to recognise that it is a compromise.

Of course, by producing a detailed plan like this, you might well feel you are in a ‘straitjacket’ and this should be avoided.


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