Literature Dissertation Topics

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Many students writing their undergraduate or Masters dissertation struggle with the concept of the literature review. The literature review often appears near the start of your dissertation, and is a key part of your overall dissertation structure.

Rather than simply a list of different writers in the field and their opinions, your literature review should give a clear idea of the whole field as it currently stands, describing different bodies of literature, providing varying standpoints on the important issues, and indicating where general opinions have recently changed or are currently being challenged.

It must provide a critique of each work, not simply a summary of the books and articles to which you refer.

Seventeenth century is the era of revolution and all the upheavels taking place around influenced the thinking process of writers too. to express their views on what is happening around.

Some examples of dissertation topics for seventeenth century literature are: Eighteenth century is the era of restoration.

Furthermore, this should be done using authoritative works written by experts – you'll need to evaluate each relevant book or article you discover to ensure it has been written by an academic.

Remember – a good literature review not only provides important background to your own dissertation writing, but also helps to show where your dissertation will fit into the field.

All these infrastrcutral developments did reflect in the writings of 19th century writers.

There was an inherent ease in the thinking and so a lot of satirical and comical writings were shaped up by the litterateurs. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is the classic example of this fact.


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