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Its character arcs and three-act architecture are supposedly found in nature -- or at least at events like the National Spelling Bee, the setting of "Spellbound," one of the progenitors of the genre.

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In Europe and parts of Latin America, learning to ballroom dance starts in grade school. Increasingly parents want their children to learn ballroom dancing.

Dancing Classrooms NYC, founded by Pierre Dulaine in 1994, is a non-profit organization engaged in teaching ballroom dancing to 5th and 8th graders.

When critics want to praise the realism of a fictional film, they sometimes liken it to a documentary.

But as filmmakers and distributors have discovered the commercial potential of nonfiction movies, the comparison more often runs in reverse.

You must learn to observe your partner well and accommodate to their level of skill, physical dexterity and moods.

It teaches respect for others no matter how different they are from you.Women wore full skirts and men wore gaucho costumes with high boots and spurs which necessitated several movements that are a part of today's tango. (Dancing with partners) "You get to know your classmates." Sixth grade students Emily and Amour dance the tango I'm a proponent of ballroom dancing, but there are other popular styles of dancing that you and your kids might enjoy: hula dancing, square dancing, folk dancing, belly dancing, ballet, hip-hop, jazz and native dance. I asked what the most memorable part of the program was and they both enthusiastically reported that dancing in the finals at the Palais Royale with all of their classmates and family members clapping and cheering them on was thrilling. That the movie explores a unique event, the outcome of which could not have been known in advance, makes its sentiments sweeter and more intense.The kind of uplift that feels a little phony in a "based on a true story" feature like "Coach Carter" or "Dreamer" is redeemed in the competition documentary, a subgenre that also includes "Rize" and "Murderball."But the breakthrough genre documentary this year was surely Luc Jacquet's "March of the Penguins," which earned more than million at the American box office, becoming the second-highest-grossing nonfiction movie ever.You can view a trailer of this movie on the internet.(Google: Mad Hot Ballroom Trailer) Ilsa Abraham, a former social worker, and Bob Rutherford, a former school principal brought the idea to Canada and founded Join the Dance Canada in 2006 when 70 Toronto schools and 5,000 children joined the program. My mom signed me up for jazz dancing when I was little, and Amour is out-going so I knew we would do well," Emily said matter-of-factly. "I've known Emily so long and we were being dramatic so I guess they chose us." He said that he likes to compete with his friends to be the winner in games, so he was eager.I am as fond of colorful language as anyone, but I try not to inflict it upon strangers.I suspect many people sense they should have better manners, and need only a nudge.This movie had it all: an epic journey, a family in peril, moments of humor, tenderness and suspense, a sonorous voice-over from Morgan Freeman.It is a quest narrative, a domestic drama, a bittersweet tale of homecoming -- and also, as every popular movie must be these days, an occasion for culture-war skirmishing.


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