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On the other hand, Cowpathwaithe also creates a competing perspective by emphasising the necessity of purgation of all such practices.

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A moment of catharsis has captured in the epilogue to show the fundamental need for purgation of negative emotions, particularly for the trainers who have lived and partnered with whales for most of their lives.

This is evidently shown in the scene when the trainers see free whales in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time.

John Proctor has experienced a dilemma as he sees himself as an unworthy and broken man, and not as a martyr.

Miller employs stage directions in to notify readers that Proctor perceives himself as a fraud individual who can never be forgiven due to the sins he had previously done.

Moreover, the use of personification of the New World outside of Salem, explains the contextual representation that the process of purgation is necessary if both individuals and societies wish Salem to remain pure.

presented by Paul Keating is another text that addresses the necessity of purgation of negative history of Australia, which would ultimately result in a more sustainable community.Arthur Miller’s play, (1953) explores competing perspectives of the social contract between individuals and society.Despite this contention, the society of Salem must purge itself with the idea of witchcraft hysteria, or else the community would still be living in the darkness of the New World.By continually improving the policies, both Australians and Indigenous Australians are able to reconcile with one another and as a result, purging of White Australia history may occur.Henceforth, both composers, Arthur Miller and Paul Keating, are able to represent their perspective by emphasising the necessity of purgation of negative elements in order to create a healthy and sustainable community.Keating stated that in Indigenous history, Australians have completely disregarded and paid no attention to Indigenous Australians and thus, reconciliation is needed.However, reconciliation can only occur through acceptance and catharsis and is particularly emphasised through the use of anaphora and brutal nouns of, Keating accentuates the violence of colonial era administrations with the aim to create pathos and guilt towards responders.Miller provides responders with two opposing perspectives: The dissenting individual who seeks to undermine the church-run theocracy, juxtaposing against the necessity of the church to use any methods to keep the ‘devil’ away.Miller’s characterisation of Proctor, as an individual, is depicted as This exhibits to readers that although John Proctor is well regarded in society, he is divorced from the institutional power of the Church and the community due to his past failing act of adultery.Purgation is the act of purifying or cleansing oneself of negative emotions.In doing so, one is able to achieve catharsis and thus, allows individuals and society to renew and sustain themselves.


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