Mosque Coursework

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Virtually all citizens of the Middle East and much of northern Africa speak modern Arabic already, and a great many other central European and Asian languages have been heavily influenced by Arabic.

Thus, a good portion of the world's population is readily able to learn classic Arabic.

It is closely related to other Semitic languages, such as Hebrew.

Though Arabic may seem quite alien to those whose native language derives from the Indo-European language branch, a great many Arabic words are part of the lexicon of Western languages due to Arabic influence on Europe during the medieval period.

In order to fully understand the magnificent words of their Lord, Muslims make every attempt to learn and understand the rich and poetic Arabic language in its classic form.

Since understanding Arabic is so important, most Muslims try to learn at least the basics.

His final revelation to mankind, the Quran, was sent over 1400 years ago to Mohammad in the Arabic language.

Thus, it is the Arabic language that serves as the common link joining this diverse community of believers and is the unifying element that ensures believers share the same ideas.

The case arose out of a counterterrorism investigation known as Operation Flex.

The Muslim community contended it amounted to “dragnet surveillance” whose purpose was to indiscriminately “gather information on Muslims.”The FBI contended the operation was intended to prevent terrorist acts and focused on fewer than 25 people.


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