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The key features that should be present in the title are: A. “A quantitative analysis of study behaviors that can boost memory” can be an aptly written title. “analysis of the spirituality extent in the undergraduate students using primary data” this title gives the idea to the reader that you have carried out research by using primary data sources. You have to say a lot by just using 10 to 12 words at maximum.

A bit reference to the Problem statement you are addressing or at least the hypothesis on which your research is lying. Here you have given the idea to the reader that you have used “qualitative mode” of research. Not only it is descriptive but also it is somewhat professional rather using the phrases. You can also add the name of data analysis technique you have opted. But you can’t afford to achieve brevity at the expense of descriptiveness.

This place wasn’t the first, but I wanted to make sure that everything would be ready on time and in necessary way. Conducting either a quantitative or qualitative study is well within the abilities of graduate nursing students.

Translating that study into a 5-chapter work of scholarly prose, however, is quite another matter.

This is the very first feature of your dissertation that is going to interact with the reader. You are a part of the vast graduate world which eventually get perplexed when it comes to the selection of “dissertation title”.

So this is the right moment for setting the “first impression”. Stumbling on, at this point is justified in my viewpoint.

• As previously stated that the article depicts the aesthetic sense but don’t indulge yourself in too much creativity that eventually end misleading your reader.

Your dissertation title should be so descriptive that anyone confronting the same problem statement should eventually end up with your dissertation, upon searching.

If you ruminate over the title for a day or two-only for the sake of your research for which you have burned your midnight oil- is worth time giving.

While thinking over the title, grab a cup of coffee for you and sit in a comfortable place answer all the what?


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