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Their linear and nonlinear optical properties are analyzed and presented.The analysis of graphene's optical property uses an innovative first-order perturbative S-matrix formalism that systematically identifies various physical mechanisms contributing towards the optical Kerr nonlinearity.

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The isolation and structural determination of ladderane lipids are outlined, as well as previous and concurrent synthetic efforts.

Chapter 2 details our extensive synthetic efforts toward the synthesis of ladderane lipids.

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Nonlinear optics has long been studied as a basis for realizing fast information processing devices and sensors.

Nonlinear photonic logic enables the elimination of slow electron-photon transduction processes and supports high signal bandwidth at optical carrier frequencies.

Hence, graphene is not a suitable material for applications where coherence is essential.

In contrast, monolayer Mo S2 that has non-zero finite bandgap energy turns out to be a simultaneously suitably coherent and highly nonlinear material as its real-to-imaginary ratio of the Kerr nonlinear susceptibility can be adjusted through detuning the optical carrier frequency.


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