Organisational Behaviour Assignment

Organisational Behaviour Assignment-51
Discuss Herzberg’s Two Factor theory of motivation.

Discuss Herzberg’s Two Factor theory of motivation.

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The company formed corporate tie ups with many companies to build its brand and increase exposure.

These features introduced several forms of changes in the company.

With such sound understanding of their knowledge concerning the organisational behaviour concepts, it has become possible for the students to get the assignments done on organisational behaviour subject from our highly qualified experts in scoring highest possible marks in their assignments.

HRM-742 Business Management & Organizational Behaviour Assignment # 2 (Case study 4.1, page-97) Submitted by- PUNEET AHLUWALIA DATE- 09/06/2011 Question # 1 Why does Conestoga-Rovers and associates and other companies try to create a positive work environment?

There are different important theories of organisational behaviour that indicates about the ways in which employee behaviour can be efficiently managed.

It is essential for the managers to have in-depth understanding of different such organisational behaviour theories that explains about different important areas of managing employee behaviour in organisation.

What I think is that fun should be limited to an extent which doesn’t hamper the job quality.

There is no doubt that fun is very essential at the workplace but here fun doesn’t mean to play, watch movies or to hang around all the time but it also means that there should be a feeling of wellness and happiness amongst the employees of the company, employees should enjoy doing their work. The company should take initiative to facilitate a feeling of cooperation, teamwork and joy among their staff.

Organisational behaviour is identified as an important subject for any student because it is concerned with the management of behaviour of employees in organisations.

After completing the studies, the students will also become employees at reputed organisation and it is therefore essential for them to perform efficient management of the behaviour so that they can contribute positively towards accomplishing organisational goals.


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