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We recently posted about teachers using red ink at school, and that put me in mind of another classic colour debate: Blue or black ink?There are all sorts of opinions on this and, for the most part, it just comes down to preference.It’s surprisingly easy to create artwork and calligraphy on black paper.

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Federal courts in the US are the same, insisting on black ink for official documents.

(Chinese officials are so strict about black ink, they will reject documents submitted in blue.) The main reason has to do with copying and digitizing documents.

Most of the experiments so far have been fairly small-scale, but the results are intriguing.

For example, one experiment with a group of male and female Grade 9 students found participants had greater recall with red text than blue, and greater recall with blue than with black (33% vs. Interestingly, a couple of the experiments I saw suggested that girls had better overall recall than boys when color was a factor.

Wong, Neither had one of the most significant benefits of using blue ink: improved recall memory.

Psychology research suggests that reading and writing text written in color increases the likelihood that you will remember that information.So, just to be on the safe side, you probably should use black ink whenever filling out or signing legal and/or official documents, unless told otherwise. After pencils, black pens are the recommended tool for voting for the UK.And some voting machines in the US have even been known to not count votes cast in blue.Once she realised that and saw others eyeballing her blue handwriting, she decided to switch to black.In a discussion about blue or black ink at Fountain Pen Network, one of the users pointed to Debrett’s New Guide to Etiquette and Modern Manners, which reads: (For business purposes) black remains the most correct and distinguished choice.Blue is very much in second place and is thought more suitable for women than for men. Coloured inks, although more acceptable than before, are still considered very suspect in traditional circles.The sexism aside, I can see how black ink is perceived that way.Black ink just scans better than blue, which tends to show up very light.I think this is true more of older and less expensive copiers and scanners, but those are probably more common anyway.There’s also the widespread perception, right or wrong, that black is simply the more professional ink colour.I read one person lamenting on a message board that everyone in her workplace used black ink at a meeting, except her.


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