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In the beginning the poet seems to be showing a kind of hatred for marriage or the newly married couples.

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Similarly, the ceremony of marriage is described here as a religious wounding, meaning that the ceremony would subsequently turn out to be a painful affair. The happiness of marriage cannot last forever according to him. "The Whitsun Weddings by Philip Larkin: Summary and Critical Analysis." Bachelorand Master, 16 Nov.


The poet treats a marriage as a happy funeral and as a religious wounding.

The implication is that, although a marriage is a happy event, it carries within the seeds of the death of happiness which is bound to occur in the course of time.

The image Larkin perceives at the end of the poem is somewhat complex.

“A sense of falling, like an arrow-shower Sent out of sight, somewhere becoming rain.” Rain does not fall in a parabolic curve.Therefore the ultimate knowledge about marriage is finally achieved by the poet.The phrase ‘a happy funeral’ and ‘a religious wounding’ in the poem are noteworthy.The description of their physical experiences with the words and phrases like “pomaded girls”, parodies of fashion” suggest that they are from the lower economic class.In each station and platform the poet witnesses the flow of such newly married couples.Towards the middle of the poem, he sees that on every Throughout the poem, he describes other things as well, which bring images to your mind.For example, “its postal districts packed like squares of wheat.” This brings an image to your head of how the areas of districts are nicely grown.These two stanzas are full of panoramic description of the scenes; that pass by as the train moves forward.The description shows that the poet is beginning his journey from the country area to a city that is London.The poem suddenly becomes ironic because his realization contradicts his previous attitude towards marriage.In these lines “arrow, showers” and “rain” relate marriage to fertility and to the continuity of life.


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