Practice Psychosynthesis Self Unfolding

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Yet it also makes the task of defining the essence of his Psychosynthesis difficult.

If the aim of this book is too be clear, the question of the metaphysics of Psychosynthesis must be addressed.

All creatures have emanated from the same divine Source and have journeyed down through the various levels of consciousness into the physical world. The Unconsciousdesire in man to return to the Source, and this urge drives evolution.

The purpose of our being is to awaken to the divine potential we are here to unfold and manifest.

Since completing my MA in Psychosynthesis (Sørensen, 2008), I have wanted to write a book about Roberto Assagioli’s system of psychological and spiritual development.

A number of questions which I could not examine at the time remained unanswered.

In the introduction to his book ‘Psychosynthesis’ – A Collection of Basic Writings’ Roberto Assagioli writes:“Psychosynthesis does not aim nor attempt to give a metaphysical or theological explanation of the great Mystery – it leads to the door, but stops here.” (1975, p.

6-7) In the same place he writes that Psychosynthesis is “neutral to the various religious forms,” because it is based on science. Reading Assagioli’s books and articles, it becomes clear that his work is steeped in metaphysical considerations.

Shortly before his death Assagioli (1888-1974) defined Seven Core Concepts which he saw as the essence of Psychosynthesis.

Yet in my reading I could find nothing elaborating these concepts.


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