Preschool Classroom Observation Essay

Preschool Classroom Observation Essay-28
The other half of the room was almost like a little kitchen.

The other half of the room was almost like a little kitchen.

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The library had a poster of the alphabet and numbers, a large amount of books and puzzles.

Located behind the library was a shelf with musical instruments and movement accessories such as scarves.

The center has a naturalistic feel to the environment and all of the staff is friendly and welcoming.

The classroom displayed best practices, modern theories and research, and followed expected standards set by their accreditations.

Addison and two girls were playing with what seemed to be wooden blocks and some plastic LEGO animals.

Addison was matching the animals and connecting them together and as she was doing that she spoke up and told one of the girls “Tigers aren’t related to lions.” This is an example of centration, which is the tendency to focus on one aspect of a situation to the exclusion of all others (Berger 8th edition pg. We also have Vygotsky’s theory that all children don’t fall under the self-centered aspects of the cognition dominated descriptions of early childhood. When Addison was painting she says to the teacher “look teacher I made purple with my hands and it matches my shirt!In the same area as the art center was the writing center.In this center was maps, chalk and chalk board, stencils, a ruler, notepads, loose paper and pencils.SETTING The date of my observation was April 27th, 2010.It was about in the morning when I began my study.This was done so the children know where do place the clothing when they are done with it or cleaning up.Also in this center was a cash register, puppets, an oven, refrigerator, ironing board, sing, dishwasher, a table set and a comfy chair.Along with a library being used as a quiet area, there was a couch placed near the art center out of the way from all centers for children to sit on.Most of the time that I observed was during free play, centers and circle time.She was unsure of the lessons left for her so she improvised and did a great job.Throughout free play a group of girls were playing; their exact intention I am not sure of.


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