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On second thought, keeping calm and breathing slowly is no longer as foolish as it was in the beginning, isn’t it?Asking compelling questions is a pre-problem-solving stage that allows brains to play out different scenarios and broaden decision-making process. Is there a precedent that took place in another department or company?

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The rules are pretty simple: Recall the recent brainstorm or meeting to take part in. No matter how hard you try it’s extremely hard to avoid personal feelings or opinions. Plus, it might feel easier to answer ‘I don’t know’ than admit some aspects of the issue (that can be related to you).

Those members who are the most confident or most forceful are likely the ones whose ideas got picked up and taken forward. And sometimes active involvement replaces the quality of arguments. The silent brainstorming process involves specific steps like developing ideas individually and sharing them without sitting at the same table. Nevertheless, if you want to get to the heart of the problem, you should look at things objectively. The key here is catching the moment when to let go of trying to solve the problem.

The ultimate goal of a good problem-solving technique is to make us and our companies more ‘conflict-friendly’ and ‘conflict-competent’.

You can put into action any of above-mentioned problem-solving techniques to get the solution you seek.

Second, people feel that they need to come up with an answer and it has to be the right one. Long story short, they are under a tremendous amount of stress. There is the reason why we shouldn’t be stressed out and take an issue as a Problem-which-will-ruin-all-my-career-and-life-as-well: stressed-out people strive for binary problem-solving, limiting the options available to them.

In tough moments, we jump to tried-and-tested approaches rather than exploring better and more efficient options.Here’s a quick look at them: Julia Samoilenko is a Marketing Manager at Chanty - a simple AI-powered team chat.This powerful and free Slack alternative is aimed to increase team productivity and improve communication at work.Otherwise, get creative and make sure you leave room for imagination while problem solving.To sum up, there are key things to remember about handling challenges in the workplace. Second, and the most important, workplace challenges provide us with information about the things that need to be fixed.Social networks are a huge part of our everyday lives, both in the office and at home.It’s easy to get lost in the avalanche of social media updates.Here’s the list of ‘hats’ that may help you become a problem-solving ninja: This problem-solving method helps shift perspectives quickly—without sticking to the only one perspective. Become a wanderer and just walk away from the problem, at least temporarily. He was one the most famous inventors with almost 3300 patents to his name.The 5 Why’s Technique is an easy-to-use method for uncovering the root of an issue. If you wear a digital wristwatch, like to karaoke with friends or know what a floppy disk is (gosh, how old I am! What’s more, he was an author of one of the craziest problem-solving technique–the Calm Room.We believe, many leaders and company founders reading our blog should find Josh’s thoughts quite...My close relative (a baby boomer) works in the concert business.


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