Problem Statement In A Research Proposal

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Because it frames the entire study, preparing a research problem statement is often the hardest part of writing a research proposal or thesis.A research problem statement lays the foundation for work that needs to be done to correct a situation, in the case of international aid organizations, or presents a statement of research intent for a master’s or doctoral thesis.

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As well as background information, a research problem statement outlines the current situation, identifies the challenges, specifies the location and indicates the people involved.

Work with the five W's: who, what, when, where and why.

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For example, "This quantitative study will analyze the effects of Rx on..."Use a single statement to explain what the study intends to accomplish.

Structure it as a goals statement for example, "The purpose of this study is to examine..." or "The purpose of this qualitative study is to compare the treatment effects of..."Offer a hint, but only a hint, at the hypothesis and significance or importance of the study in the purpose statement.Please note, when contacting via phone it is not secure to leave credit card information on voice mail.We take our customers' security seriously and believe that this approach is in the best interest to protect our customers and our company alike.The most important components of a research paper are the problem and purpose statements.They communicate the reason for the research, what will be researched, what will be accomplished and how the study will proceed.Review your research problem statement with your thesis adviser.She may be able to help you further hone the statement.Detail briefly how the design is appropriate to the problem.Use introductory language such as, "This study will examine..." and "This study will compare..." State the research design clearly, and make sure it contains enough detail to demonstrate and communicate that the design is appropriate for the study.The entire problem statement should not be more than one paragraph or three to four statements altogether.Begin the next paragraph with a purpose statement that identifies the type of study to be conducted: qualitative, quantitative or a mixed method.


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