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The main theme that is shown throughout the book is the “Lost Generation” theme.In the foreword, Remarque states, “This book is to be neither an accusation nor a confession…Following them do not guarantee that you will receive a top grade in your educational institution. 2) Good Custom paper writing services for students; 3) My Homework - another quality writing service.

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All Quiet on the Western Front is undoubtedly a masterpiece created by an outstanding author Erich Maria Remarque.

Unfortunately, this makes writing an essay about this literary work rather difficult, because it has been studied by students the world over for many years.

by Erich Maria Remarque, a Reichswehr veteran,is perhaps the most famous anti-war novel ever written.

Set from the perspective of a young German soldier, it carries a clear message that war is brutal, unglamorous and often ultimately pointless.

Is it possible to revert their personalities back to normal?

This is one of the major topics of the novel and has been studied extensively. Remarque sometimes uses nature to revitalize the soldiers.The most important thing that can help you with this assignment is the fact that every person is unique.Even if you agree with some of the prevailing views, you still have a unique perspective that you can share in your paper.This is what you should focus on when you write a critical analysis essay about All Quiet on the Western Front.Of course, you still need to come up with an interesting original idea for the essay.Here are a few suggestions to inspire you: The glory of war is described by Remarque’s unique talent only to highlight how this is not glory at all.Focus this paper on explaining how such a contradiction can exist and what tools the author uses to draw the readers’ attention to it.How did the events described in the novel affect the characters?How does the altered view of life affect their future?It will try simply to tell of a generation of men who, even though they may have escaped shells, were destroyed by the war.” This book focuses on the Lost Generation of the German Army of World War I.


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