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The problem of legalizing marijuana causes a substantial controversy in the American society. Some people believe that legalization of marijuana will create numerous problems both for its users and society in general.

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However, one rule is definite – medical marijuana must be severely controlled by the federal laws.

If you were assigned a task to write a research paper on medical marijuana, please realize that you will have to conduct a deep research for you main arguments.

Therefore, people are against frequent prescription of this remedy and offer severe regulations that must be introduced by the government.

Other researches by Shafer and Redda state that one should pay attention to the impact on society from the use of medical marijuana.

The users of cannabis suffer from addiction as certain brain parts are affected on the dopamine levels.

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In addition, according to researchers, the use of medical marijuana may add some risk to the cancer progress.Nowadays medical and cultural aspects united with each other due to heated discussions dedicated to the use of medical marijuana.Although the use of cannabis is forbidden by the federal law, approximate statistics states that 15% of Americans have experienced its effects.If cannabis is illegal, its quality will diminish due the lack of objective control that will create additional risks for consumers.Thus, social health will substantially decrease rather than increase.Some case studies presented below state that marijuana is always used for the treatment of psychotic behavior among the young individuals.There is some evidence that various doctors support the usage of medical marijuana in certain cases under strict control of medical professionals as it is the most effective treatment.Whenever traditional medicine cannot cure patients with severe pain, medical marijuana can be the most effective pain killer.Nevertheless, the use of medical marijuana must be controlled by the federal laws in order to avoid possible misdemeanor cases.Do not hesitate to buy legalizing marijuana paper from Quality Custom if you cannot research your materials by yourself.Our experienced and skillful writers will eagerly do it for you.


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