Research Paper On Sex Trafficking

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Factors that contribute to modern-day trafficking of humans as well as offender, victim, and consumer/customer characteristics will be identified.

Finally, the difficulty in identifying victims of this crime will also be explored along with the criminal justice system’s response to human trafficking.

Although not yielding large profits, the sale of slaves was an established business, since they were so desperately needed for the economic subsistence of the South.

Slaves were considered an inexpensive and dependable source of labor, albeit a forced and exploitative one.

Because drugs and weapons have a finite usage while humans can be sold multiple times, profits for the sale of humans accrue seemingly infinitely depending on how many occasions a sale is made.

There are some scholars who contend, however, that human trafficking may eventually surpass the net profits yielded from the sale of drugs and weapons (Farr, 2005; Shelley, 2005).This sample Human Trafficking Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only. In 2000, the United States enacted legislation to stop the sale and exploitation of human beings.Like other free research paper examples, it is not a custom research paper. The law (Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000) prohibits both sex trafficking and labor trafficking.Portugal, during the 15th century, bought and sold slaves from Africa and Europe.In the 18th century, the Transatlantic Slave Trade between Europe, Africa, and the Americans facilitated the sale of humans sometimes in exchange for weapons and molasses (Bales, 2005).Collection Review Collection Review articles synthesize in narrative form the best available evidence on a topic.Submission of Collection Review articles is by invitation only, and they are only published as part of a PLOS Collection as agreed in advance by the PLOS Medicine Editors.However, there is enough information to confirm that men, women, and children become vulnerable victims of this crime every day in virtually every country across the world.There are many factors that contribute to this large-scale and covert problem, most of which are felt across the globe, such as economic and political instability, massive worldwide poverty, and the disenfranchisement of groups of individuals (Bales, 2005; Farr, 2005; Scully, 2001; Shelley, 2005). Traffickers, Their Victims, and the People Who Buy Humans A. Although slavery was abolished in the United States with the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865, the practice of selling and exploiting the will of humans continues to occur (Bales, 2005). Characteristics of Customers or Consumers of Human Trafficking VII. The sale of humans is also one of the most deplorable crimes. The exploitation of humans, including the mass transportation of people from Africa to the Americas during the 18th century, has a rich history in the United States (Bales, 2005; Gozdziak & Collett, 2005).


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