Research Papers A Practical Guide

Select a journal that will allow you to reach the broadest possible audience that would benefit from learning about your findings.Consider who would be most interested in your research or who might make the best use of your findings (Oermann & Hays, 2016).

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A paper is rarely ready for submission after the first draft.

After writing your paper, carefully edit and review it.

It should therefore include reference to the study design, what is being studied and the target population.

Although the abstract is the first part of a paper after the title, you may want to write it last, as many find it easier to use the paper to inform the writing of the abstract.

For example, covers a broad range of topics and reaches a significant portion of the Canadian nursing workforce.

It might therefore be particularly suitable for communicating research findings that are of interest to the practising Canadian nurse.Writing for publication is an important yet challenging form of knowledge dissemination in nursing.This article provides a practical overview of the elements that should be considered when preparing a research paper for publication.Highly specialized research papers with a narrow scope (e.g., in neonatology or emergency nursing) might be better suited to journals that target a specific audience.Keep in mind that publication is the most important form of knowledge dissemination.Start your manuscript writing by carefully selecting a title, which should be short yet comprehensive.A good title provides readers with a clear idea about the paper.The art and skill of writing are particularly important when it comes to preparing scientific research papers, as the writer must employ a unique set of writing skills and must have knowledge of the research process.The primary purpose of this article is to highlight and discuss the elements that you should consider when preparing research papers.Read a few articles from the journal to acquire a sense of how they are generally written and structured.This can help you shape your paper to fit the journal and its audience.


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