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The objective is to develop a storyline through the writing process itself.

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, provide background information, and present the thesis. Once you write your introduction, you are ready to revise your essay.

Remember that revision involves adding or deleting ideas in each paragraph and possibly reorganizing the order of the paragraphs themselves.

Remember that the overall goal is to show how these ideas relate to the thesis. Once you revise your thesis statement so it aligns with the topic sentences in the supporting paragraphs, you are ready to develop your introduction.

Begin with an attention-getting The feeling or attitude that a writer expresses toward a topic. Examples of tones can include: objective, biased, humorous, optimistic, and cynical, among many others.

If you take a political science class, the instructor will expect you to be able explain various aspects of government in order to successfully complete the course.

In a professional setting, defining terms or jargon to people outside of your field will build their confidence in you.

If possible, allow plenty of time between drafting and revising so that you bring a fresh view to your draft.

This fresh look can help you to spot an unsupported thesis or places where you may have wandered from your main point.

For instance, doctors and nurses need to be able to explain illnesses, procedures, or medications with unfamiliar names like "insulin resistance" or "androgenetic alopecia" to their patients.

If they cannot, their patients may be confused or go elsewhere for healthcare. Thoughts about slavery: Step 4: Develop paragraphs that support your thesis.


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