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Please use the scroll bar to the right for navigation.Step 1: Click on “Course Tools” underneath the Course Management tools Step 2: Click on “Safe Assign” Step 3: Click on “Direct Submit” Step 4: Click on “Submit A Paper” Step 5: Check “Submission Options” Step 6: Click on the “Choose File” button to upload a file or paste Paper Title and Text in the corresponding area Step 7: Click on the “Submit” button.

If the match is not properly cited, then the student knows revisions will be necessary.

Safe Assign is more than a detection tool; it is a powerful tool.

Note that you may be able to submit your assignment online via one of several tools - including Safe Assign (this tool) or Turn It In.

Submission requirements and steps differ between tools.

Please check with teaching staff in your course if you aren't certain which you are using.

Step 1: Go to the content area in which the assignment needs to reside (a learning module, assignments, etc) Step 2: Click on the “Assessments” button Step 3: Select “Assignment” Step 4: Name the assignment Step 5: Create instructions Step 6: Attach necessary files Step 7: Create due date if needed Step 8: Give points possible Step 9: Add “Rubric” if necessary Step 10: Select “Submission Details” Step 11: Select “Assignment Type” Step 12: Select “Number of Attempts” options Step 13: For “Plagiarism Tools” check the option “Check submissions for plagiarism using Safe Assign” Step 14: (optional) Check to “Allow students to view Safe Assign originality report for their attempts Step 15: (optional) Check to “Exclude submissions from the Institutional and Global References Databases (if the assignment is a draft assignment where they will be submitting a more completed or updated version in another assignment that you want to check.

It may take 48 hours (Monday-Friday) to receive a report.

Papers that are submitted after 5pm, Monday-Thursday will be uploaded to the program the following morning and papers submitted after 5pm on Friday, will not be run until Monday morning.

Instructors can incorporate Safe Assign assignments directly into their Blackboard Learn courses. University Libraries offers students the opportunity to have their papers submitted to Safe Assign as drafts.

The library will submit the papers for the students and have a Safe Assign Originality Report created.


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