Sample Of Table Of Contents For Research Paper

A table of contents is best used in a paper than can be divided into logical parts or chapters.You will find it necessary to create sections of your paper--either as you write or after you have completed the paper. If you are required to include a table of contents in your research paper, you should know that there is a certain way to generate this feature in Microsoft Word.

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Making a table of contents used to be a very long and complicated process, but the vast majority of word-processing programs, such as Microsoft Word TM and Open Office, do all of the hard work for you.

This saves hours of painstaking labor looking through your paper and makes sure that you have picked up on every subsection.

Sections are numbered using the decimal point system.

Section numbers appear on the left margin, page numbers on the right.

Lecturer's comment: Pages preceding the Introduction, such as List of figures and tables, Abbreviations or Glossary of terms, are numbered in lower-case Roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv, ...). Just count it and put ii on the second page of your report.

Lists such as these are only needed in long or complex reports.If you have been using an outline as a basis for the paper, then you have a head start and the work on the table of contents formatting is already half done.Whilst going into the exact details of how to make a table of contents in the program lies outside the scope of this article, the Help section included with the word-processing programs gives a useful series of tutorials and trouble-shooting guides.Lecturer's comment: The Introduction is usually section 1.It forms the beginning of the report proper and is therefore on page 1.A good Table of Contents should be organized, easy to read and simple to use.You can write a Table of Contents manually on your computer or have a word processing tool create it for you.Make sure the Table of Contents is formatted properly in your final document so it is as accurate and accessible as possible.The Contents page sets out the sections and subsections of the report and their corresponding page numbers.They would rarely be used in undergraduate reports.The Summary and acknowledgements (if included) appear before the Contents page, so are not listed.


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