School Bullies To Dictators Essay

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There may be other famous people who temporarily move into the Number One position when they become the focus of worldwide negative media attention.(Think Harvey Weinstein.) But as soon as the novelty wears away, the president reclaims the lead.

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does not suggest our freedom to insult and even curse out our leaders should be curtailed; 4.

is not a defense of the Trumps – being a victim of bullying does not equal virtue; and 5. How do we determine who is the most bullied person?

Caveat: (Added two days after original publication.) The name Trump arouses strong passions, and passions readily impair comprehension.

It seems that some readers failed to understand the point of this essay (which could be totally wrong), though it is clearly stated in both the subtitle and the closing section.

The media and the general public don’t care about the flaws of the average John or Jane Doe.

It is the rich, famous and powerful who are on the radar of the media, constantly on the lookout for the titillating information we crave to spice up our mundane, dreary existence. is still considered the world’s leading power, the president a target of bullying.But generally, it is the First Lady that holds the position of the most bullied woman during the years of her reign.And this is especially true for Melania because of her association with the man commonly referred to as our Bully-in-Chief.This has produced an unprecedented situation: It is the first time in history that we can all see what our First Lady looks (looked? But the most serious barrage of bullying Melania has been subjected to is over the mission she has taken upon herself as First Lady: to combat bullying among children.She calls her campaign, Be Best, urging children to treat each other well.And if the president is a married man, the most bullied woman is likely to be his wife, the First Lady, especially if she assumes a public role, as many have done.The media will examine her through a microscopic lens, searching for any imperfection or blunder to publicize in order to enhance their own ratings.President Trump may be rightfully attacked for his public bullying behavior, unbecoming of a person in his exalted position.He has even been accused of causing an escalation of bullying among children: Donald Trump Has Unleashed a New Wave of Bullying in Schools.So it can certainly seem preposterously hypocritical for his wife to be taking up the anti-bully cause.Our own hypocrisy But there is something we tend to forget when we ridicule the Trumps.


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