Social Learning Theory Of Aggression Essay

In this essay, the Bandura’s Social Learning Theory will be explored and referred to as the baseline theory in discussing learning in the context of classroom with relevant examples in reference to his theory.

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Bandura believed aggressive reinforcement in the form of imitation of family members was the most prominent source of behaviour modelling.

Parents are the primary role models for children; through a process of observation and identification their behaviour is modelled.

Firstly, the observers determine their models and identify the actions performed with awareness of events occurred; secondly observers act cognitively as they are in the process of transforming the actions observed into either visual or verbal form to their own reasoning and understanding in order to remember their observations; thirdly the motor reproduction of actions observed whether if they acquire the requirements of performing the observed actions; and lastly, the vicarious reinforcement towards their performed actions.

Serving as a main driving force of motivation, the reinforcement received from the surrounding environment after the first use of observed actions will determine if it is suitable for the future usage of the observed actions.

As noted in this article citing Bandura (1962), Schunk (1992) highlighted the fact that Bandura proposed his theory that of “in social situations, people often learn much more rapidly simply by observing the behaviour of others.” In Bandura’s Social learning theory, Bandura (1992) comment that the learning processes through observation from models’ actions; and by observing their models, learners thereon acquire the skills, knowledge, behaviour and values presented that are relevant in terms of the reciprocal interactions: the observer, the surrounding environment and their behaviours.

Further on, Bandura introduced the term “No-trial learning”.

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In another words, if the user performed the observed actions and received positive reviews, he or she are thereon encouraged to repeat the actions in future again and expect to experience more positive remarks as they find the experience pleasant like the previous experience.

These situations of reinforcement are furthered by Bandura basing particular reinforcement concepts on Skinner’s theory.


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