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This was also the era when the issues between the Free States & Slave States were emerging.

The political situation became settled with The American Era of Good Feelings and Henry Clay developed the 'American System' which would have a profound effect on the evolution of America.

Communications massively improved across the vast US with the invention of the First Telegraph and the Morse Code.

The leaders of the US who were elected president during the Jacksonian Era, helped to make the great events in United States history.

The enlightenment of the US Progressive Era and opposition to Social Darwinism and the fight for reforms in education, child labor and women's suffrage.

The articles in this section on United States History for Kids relate to the dates, famous people and important events from 1790 - 1800: The New US.History of the Abolitionist Movement that was established to abolish the institution of slavery and includes reference to the Underground Railroad.The belief in the Manifest Destiny of America and its Westward Expansion with a United States history timeline of all the important events.Many Americans believed that Westward Expansion, and occupation the North American continent, was a divine right of the American people.Westward Expansion was achieved through the Mexican-American War, the California Republic and the Bear Flag Revolt.A simple way to gain a good understanding of the Important, important, historical events in United States History for Kids. The articles on United States History for Kids relate to the time spans covered by the US Presidents in different time periods and American Eras.The names of the American Eras and the dates they cover are as follows: There were many important events in United States History that spanned many years over several presidencies. Learn about the inventions, inventors and entrepreneurs of the First and Second Industrial Revolution and the effects of Industrialization of the United States of America.Jacksonian Era saw financial disputes with the banks, referred to as the Bank Wars.Jackson strongly advocated movement to the west and the Native American Indians suffered with the passing of the 1830 Indian Removal Act which was followed by the relocation of these people along the infamous Trail of Tears.This United States History for Kids website is presented in a unique way by linking some of the most famous events in United States History for Kids with the presidencies during which they occurred.An easy way to discover facts and information about the Important events in each of the Presidencies that impacted United States History for Kids.


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    HISTORY ARMS AND SPACE RACE ESSAY That the Arms Race and Space Race were vital components in the rivalry between the USA and the USSR during the forty-five years between 19 is a comment and philosophy on the period which has and continues to produce much and far.…

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