Speed Problem Solving

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First, notice that in the problem we said average speed instead of just speed.

Some possible instantaneous speed for the lion could be13 meters in 1 second v = 13 m/s9 meters in 1 second v = 9 m/s10 meters in 1 second v = 10 m/s 8 meters in 1 second v = 8 m/s5 meters in 1 second v = 5 m/s As you can see the total distance is 13 9 10 8 5 = 45and the total time is 1 1 1 1 1 = 5 Problem #2: How far is a house in New York if it takes you 5 hours to get there and your average speed is 35 miles per half hour?

by Mikayla (Oklahoma, United States) A truck left a depot at noon traveling an average speed of 40 kilometers per hour.

How far from the depot and what time will it overtake another truck, which left the same depot 2 hours earlier and was traveling 30 kilometers per hour.

If the answer does not make sense, try doing the problem again.

Example 1 – The Lazy River has a current of 2 miles per hour.

A motorboat can travel 15 miles down the river in the same amount of time it takes to travel 9 miles up the river. Step 2: Create a chart and fill in the chart with as much information as you can.

In this case, the speed of the boat down the river is x 2 because the river is making the boat go faster.

Rate is distance per time, so its units could be mph, meters per second, or inches per year. Five hours later another train left for Dallas traveling at 40 mph with a goal of catching up with the first train bound for Dallas.

The second train finally caught up with the first train after traveling for three hours. One train left the station and traveled toward its destination at 65 mph.


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