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Pulling from statewide examples, particularly that of Ohio, I will present steps taken so far in regulating police use of force, in hopes of building a framework that others can follow concerning these changes.

Ask any law enforcement executive worldwide to list the most challenging internal issue facing their respective agencies, and the vast majority will mention recruiting, selecting and retaining sworn personnel.

Essays by other contributors, including leading criminal justice scholars and activists, former law enforcement officers, and public officials, will follow.

By 2016, the country seemed poised to experience a “criminal justice revolution,” as many municipal police departments and local officials promised the communities they served that they would implement reforms.

century is fertile ground for attention, focus, and debate on the use of force by police.

What many believe to be an outdated and antiquated methodology for fighting crime, maintaining public safety, and defending constitutional protections, is fraught with liabilities and danger for the professional police officer.Police officers earn their legitimacy when they treat people with what we call procedural justice.When people perceive the police as treating them fairly, and as having goals that are similar to their own, they are more likely to cooperate with the police to co-produce safety and order.Soon after Ferguson, polls revealed a lack of public confidence in officers’ abilities to use the appropriate level of force in a given situation.And with continuing media reports on additional police shootings of unarmed minority individuals, it is no surprise that public confidence in police has reached its lowest point in years.There is a general recognition that police reform should include changes concerning people with disabilities, particularly with respect to equipping law enforcement officials to address challenges facing people with mental disabilities.However, larger questions still remain about whether police departments are fulfilling their basic duties to accommodate people who have disabilities.The incident unleashed a wave of protests and led to an investigation by the U. Department of Justice that detected patterns of excessive police force in Ferguson, with close to 90 percent of force being used on individuals of color.The Ferguson shooting elevated national awareness surrounding use of force by police.It is this kind of policing—and this positive vision of public safety—that I believe our nation wants and needs.In an effort to spur dialogue over possible solutions to excessive police force, the University of Pennsylvania Law School Chapter of the American Constitution Society convened a panel of criminal justice experts to discuss this pressing issue.


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