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Supplementary Assignment-86
supplementary) opportunity to demonstrate their satisfactory attainment of specific learning outcomes as specified for the unit.[Back to Top]If a student receives a result in the range 45% to 49% in a unit they may, after consideration of the achievement of all learning outcomes for that unit, initially receive an ‘Interim Fail’ (NF) grade for that unit.An NF grade indicates that the student may be eligible for a supplementary assessment for that unit, if they meet the eligibility criteria below.[Back to Top]A supplementary assessment is an additional and new assessment task or tasks.

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Students who pass a supplementary assessment will receive a final result of 50PS (supplementary pass) for the course.

Students who fail the supplementary assessment will receive the original result with a final result of N (fail) or NCN (not complete/fail).

To find out the date, time and location of your exam, check your exam timetable in WES.

See exam dates for when your timetable is made available.

Supplementary assessment is not a re-assessment of the student’s overall grade, or the mark for an individual assessment item, or a deferred assessment.

When will the Supplementary Assessment be conducted? It applies to eligible students for the duration of their course of study.

Except as otherwise provided herein, the terms of the Assignment Agreement shall apply to this Supplemental Assignment Agreement as if they were set out herein and the Assignment Agreement shall be read and construed as one document with this Supplemental Assignment Agreement.

What is a grade of 'interim fail' (NF) and when is it awarded? It consists of a new item (or items) of assessment designed to give students an additional (i.e.

If there are medical circumstances or compassionate circumstances affecting attendance or ability to complete work, the Application for Supplementary Examination or Assessment Extension Form (yet to be developed) should be submitted prior to the Assessment Due Date.

Students encountering continuing medical issues should also consult the Head of School so that a plan to maintain academic progress can be developed.


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