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The investigator hypothesized that facial expressions were more important in terms of other people's perception.

A brief literature review revealed significant information concerning the impact of nonverbal communication messages. : An 8 page look at non-verbal communications (i.e., gestures, motions, batting eyelashes, etc;) and the importance of realizing that different groups of people may interpret them in different ways.

Krasne’s book, Say It with Confidence: Overcome the Mental Blocks that Keep You from Making Great Presentations & Speeches. As the world grows increasingly smaller and communications have become significantly simplified, dealing with people has actually become less easy.

The writer discussed how Krasne debunks popular misconceptions in regards to public speaking and then provides the reader with concrete, practical suggestions that help make for better presentations and more confidence in facing an audience. : A 5 page paper that demonstrates the application of techniques of persuasion, and provides an example of how these techniques can be applied within an interactive situation. This report looks at various issues in cross-cultural communications using a number of countries as examples (Indonesia, Ghana, Peru, etc;). Excellent for those studying international business and/or communications. : A 12 page business-orientated discussion of non-verbal communications and what companies need to know when dealing with people overseas.

Among other things, it is concluded that men are generally more expressive with their hands than their female counterparts ! : 6 pages on basic human behavior as it relates to verbal and non-verbal communication patterns based upon interviews that occurred between the writer and various people in their own everyday live.

Essay is essentially broken down into a series of hypotheses and summaries. : In this thoughtful 7 page essay, the writer discusses the meaning of smiling in modern American society and it how it functions differently for different people as an example of non-verbal communication.Specifically examined are the cases of China, Indonesia, and Ghana. : An 8 page research paper in which the writer explains the concept of non-verbal communications as it exists with respect to class and culture.Hand gestures, body English," facial expressions, and more -- are among the many forms of non-verbal communication explored. : A 6 page research paper investigating the power of nonverbal messages in the communication process.They can also focus on the Internet’s effects on businesses, such as shopping, looking for a job and making business more efficient.Researchers will find the latest information in this area of mass communication in journals and newspapers rather than books. He is a former television news reporter now working in news management and has written for regional magazines and business journals in Pennsylvania.Students should use Internet and library resources to find scholarly publications, newspapers, magazines and statistics to gather information for their topic.Mass communication research topics in advertising can focus on technique, strategy and culture.Research topics about access can address growth of portability of the Internet thanks to mobile devices; research can also analyze how poorer countries make Internet access available to the masses.Students can do research on the Internet’s influence on advertising and television.The role of culture in nonverbal communication is of primary importance to this discussion. : A 10 page research example on gender differences in communication.The writer develops a thesis based on studies in nonverbal communications, gender differences, demand-withdrawal, and other studies and commentaries that support the idea that the reported differences are in fact false. : This 6 page paper analyzes the research reported in the article of this title by Wolfinger and Rabow.


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