The American Dream In The Of A Salesman Essay

The American Dream In The Of A Salesman Essay-34
As you read Miller's play, you probably wonder why all the male characters don't simply find careers that suit them better and bring them contentment.

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For twenty-first century readers, the underlying concepts that drive the action of this play may prove difficult to understand.

A more equal relationship in a marriage and the greater freedom of children to pursue individual paths seem commonplace and expected in the world of today.

The fact that Willy does not see this in himself and instead sees only great failure says a good deal about Willy and his interpretation of success (and, if you'd like, Willy's conception of the American Dream). The inevitable result is that we are always trying to get somewhere that does not really exist.

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In the opening set description, 'an air of the dream clings to the place, a dream rising out of reality' is used to describe the Loman house.

Also, in the opening scene with his wife Linda, Willy complains that the endless bricks and windows have 'boxed' them in.

Is the American Dream responsible for the tragedy in Death of a Salesman?

I'm really struggling with an essay on Death of a Salesman. First, he sees himself as a person with the potential to be great, to be "well liked", and to be a successful personality.


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