The Author To Her Book Anne Bradstreet Essay

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In “A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs.

Mary Rowlandson”, Rowlandson provides the discussion of her own life and religious experience.

According to Bradstreet, all the problematic moments in her life which were associated with immigration, illnesses and deaths of relatives were overcome because of relying on God’s assistance.

The writer draws the children’s attention to the fact that all her pleas were heard, “I have had great experience of God’s hearing my Prayers, and returning comfortable Answers to me” (Bradstreet “To My Dear Children” 105).

The life of each woman is closely associated with struggle and necessity to survive under dangerous conditions.

The life experience of the two writers should be discussed from many perspectives.

Although the life experience and knowledge of Bradstreet and Rowlandson are different, these two authors are very similar in their views and discussions of all the personal sufferings and survival experiences with references to their beliefs.

Thus, the details of the writers’ lives are different, but many similarities can be found while examining Bradstreet and Rowlandson’s attitudes to those challenges which they experienced.

Despite the fact that the described event is the negative experience, Bradstreet’s poem is full of hope and faith.

Thus, the author refers to God’s assistance several times in her poem, stating that God made her stronger, “And to my God my heart did cry / To straighten me in my Distress / And not to leave me succourless” (Bradstreet “Upon the Burning of Our House” 101).


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