The Homework Machine Lesson Plans

The Homework Machine Lesson Plans-82
Having perfect grades is something new for these three, and as they meet on a daily basis to do homework, they find that they're learning a lot about each other.

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I think this really helps some children learn to sound out words more easily because of the continued practice, and it goes very quickly once they get good at it. I do guided reading with my class, and we check out books for them to take home.

Most of these books came from the Scholastic Book club, having acquired them in sets of seven or eight so that I could send them home for this purpose!

The children are supposed to have about 15 minutes of homework nightly.

The children that are struggling do wind up with more, because they also need to drill on letters and sounds, etc., that in order to catch up to the rest of the class.

If I need to send another note and elaborate on something, I will. I do like it, because if parents tell me that they never saw a note, and I know I put it on the homework, my general response is that if the child did the homework and a parent signed off on it, then they should have also seen the paper with the note on it about the change in dismissal times, etc.

To get your free download of the homework cover sheet, This is what the cover sheet for my weekly homework looks like.

Before long, members of the D Squad, as they are called at school are getting strange Instant Messages from a shady guy named Milner; their teacher, Miss Rasmussen, is calling private meetings with each of them and giving them pop tests that they are failing; and someone has leaked the possibility of a homework machine to the school newspaper.

Just when the D Squad thinks things can't get any more out of control, Belch becomes much more powerful than they ever imagined.

" and "What kind of noises do you think the machine would make? Older grades can answer questions like "Why do you think the machine didn't work properly? We would love to get a picture to add to this activity page!

Every so often, people ask me what I give for Kindergarten homework.


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