The Louisiana Pur A Dangerous Precedent Thesis

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But we will pursue this humiliating comparison no further.With feelings mingled with indignation and disgust, we turn from the picture, and will now pay our respects to In 1790, Massachusetts contained 378,717 inhabitants; in the same year North Carolina contained 393,751; in 1850, the population of Massachusetts was 994,514, all freemen; while that of North Carolina was only 869,039, of whom 288,548 were slaves.If, in any part of it, I have actually deflected from the tone of true patriotism and nationality, I am unable to perceive the fault.

(title page) The Impending Crisis of the South: How to Meet It (spine) Impending Crisis of the South Hinton Rowan Helper, of North Carolina x, [11]-420 p. The text has been entered using double-keying and verified against the original.

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In 1850, the products of manufactures, mining and the mechanic arts in New York amounted to $237,597,249; those of Virginia amounted to only $29,705,387. Wise: "It may be painful, but nevertheless, profitable, to recur occasionally to the history of the past; to listen to the admonitions of experience, and learn lessons of wisdom from the efforts and actions of those who have preceded us in the drama of human life.

At the taking of the last census, the value of real and personal property in Virginia, including negroes, was $391,646,438; that of New York, exclusive of any monetary valuation of human beings, was $1,080,309,216. The records of former days show that at a period not very remote, Virginia stood preeminently the first commercial State in the Union; when her commerce exceeded in amount that of all the New Page 14 England States combined; when the City of Norfolk owned more than one hundred trading ships, and her direct foreign trade exceeded that of the City of New-York, now the centre of trade and the great emporium of North America.

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All things considered, if either the North or the South had the advantage, it was the latter.

In proof of this, let us introduce a few statistics, beginning with the states of In 1790, when the first census was taken, New York contained 340,120 inhabitants; at the same time the population of Virginia was 748,308, being more than twice the number of New York.

In 1852, the exports of New York amounted to ,484,456; the exports of Virginia, during the same year, amounted to only ,724,657.

In 1790, the imports of New York and Virginia were about equal; in 1853, the imports of New York amounted to the enormous sum of 8,270,999; while those of Virginia, for the same period, amounted to the pitiful sum of only 9,004.


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