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Sixteen years after a sixteen-year-old wrote this book, Francis Ford Coppola turned this novel into a movie.The book is a coming-of-age novel, but the movie focuses on the characters' loss of innocence. The reader is only told that this story takes place in the southwest, but the movie places it in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the year 1966.Only the reader is aware of the fact that Dally's gun is unloaded, and the symbolic death of Dally in the spotlight is gone.

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Abruptly ending with the death of Dally, after Johnny, and having a sudden switch to Ponyboy in the study, could possibly confuse the readers.

No one would know that Ponyboy had many depressing moments.

Although people understand that adding in everything would make the movie lengthy, everything cut out played a significant role in the storyline.

How else would they understand that Johnny and Dally’s death emotionally traumatized not only Ponyboy, but everyone else as well.

Some changes, such as this one, can be questionable, though.

Keeping the exposition the same would not ruin the movie.Socs almost mugged him, but his friends, the greasers, saved him.Whereas, the movie began with Dally, Pony, and Johnny walking around town causing chaos.Instead, it would introduce the characters in a smoother fashion.Adding onto that idea, almost everything at the end of the movie had not presented itself in the movie.Viewers don't see the growth in his character, because they don't know Johnny.Johnny's appreciation for life at the end of his own is barely noted, but it has great impact on Pony in the novel.However, the movie lacked some of the pivotal points coming from the book. If Ponyboy had no knowledge of an event, then the reader did not know either.This form of writing conveyed more of Ponyboy’s emotions and actions, helping readers understand more of the book.However, as with all movies, character insight that is critical to understanding the story is lost when the format goes from the written word to the screen.Ponyboy is telling us the story, the same as in the book, but the 91-minute film only glosses over many character relationships.


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