The Tempest Essay

The Tempest Essay-79
When Miranda sees Ferdinand for the first time she remarks that he is the third man she had ever seen.

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This is an indication that alcohol constantly occupies his thoughts, and he thinks out loud quite often.

This metaphor helps the reader understand early enough where Trinculo’s mind is at.

The language skills presented by Shakespeare help make the play seem extremely sophisticated and fashionable.

A theme clearly brought out in “The tempest” is the illusion of justice.

Shakespeare seems to say that happy endings are possible because artists through their creativity can create them despite the fact that the moral values responsible for happy endings originate entirely from the artist’s imagination (Nostbakken, 122).

Trinculo makes a reference to drinking the first time he speaks in the play.

This is a simple story where the unjust act occurs when Prospero’s brother usurps his throne.

Prospero then seeks justice by trying to restore his power.

It is evident in the play that Prospero’s view of justice is one-sided and always involves what is good for him.

One could say the play is morally ambiguous because the play does not offer a higher power or justice capable of superseding Prospero and his interpretation of events.


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